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Webtech E Services uses its IT expertise in licensing to assist our customers with the procurement and management of licenses, upgrade and maintenance plan. We take the complexity out of licensing and help manage the contract negotiation and renewal process. Post-sales, we assist with software asset management to ensure license compliance. Specifically, we assist our customers on the following to maximize their investment in software.

·        Selection of licensing program and upgrade and maintenance plan

·        Government and Education special pricing

·        Contract negotiation and renewal

·        Electronic software download and management

·        Product release and promotion information

We have great partner relationships with the software companies featured below to deliver the right technical solutions and products for our customers.



Volume Licensing for Software

Volume licensing is a simple and cost-effective way to purchase, install, and then manage software licenses on multiple computers in an organization.

Lower Pricing

In volume licensing, you only pay for the software license not the media (CD-ROM or DVD), documentation, and packaging that come with retail (boxed) software, Customers are rewarded with discounts when purchasing in volume. Electricic Software Download is available from software manufactuters.

Simplified License Management

Secure websites from software manufacturers allow you to easily download, track, manage and renew your software licenses, which are valuable assets to your organization. It also ensures your company is in compliance with the software licenses or not overpay in over-licensing.

Ease of Software Installation

Installation is simplified in that a single product key can be used for multiple installations. IT team can build a standard image for installation on each computer.

Flexibility and Customization

There are also many options to meet customers’ unique needs. For example, customers have the option to purchase upgrade rights and technical support. Multi-year contracts are available allowing spread payments and budget predictability. Subscription licensing programs is an alternative to perpetual licensing programs for customers who want lower payment for the term of their contract. There are tailored volume licensing programs for small and medium-sized businesses and public sector organizations like government and educational entities.




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